I’ve been struggling to start my blog for quite some time now and for some reason, I woke up today and decided to look more into it.  I went over the free themes numerous times and finally just picked one.  I’m slowly working on adding info and tweaking things, so any suggestions are more than welcome!

I’ve also been meaning to re-familiarize myself with the Canon 5D (my boyfriend’s) for quite some time now.  I love taking photos, especially candid ones, but I always use my point & shoot because it easily fits in my pockets (I have small pockets).  I might just need another point & shoot for my blogging.

As we were figuring out what to do for lunch, we discovered it was International Pillow Fight Day and in LA, it’s held in Pershing Square – close to home!  I thought it would be perfect to check it out and finally get started on my blog.  The photos aren’t the best since it was pure chaos in there and I was just getting used to adjusting the camera settings…but here are my photos!

I love the backdrop of the Downtown buildings.

The Millennium Biltmore Hotel in the background.  If you’ve never been in there, go in and check it out!  There’s so many beautiful details in each ballroom.  It’s gorgeous!


Feathers were flying all over the place!  If you participate or watch next year, I highly recommend wearing a face mask.

There’s always an entrepreneur – this dude is selling pillows in case you forgot yours.. or if you want an extra one.

Tank gets in on the action.

Cool shoes!