If you’re looking for a good deal for lunch, check out Gill’s Indian Restaurant‘s lunch buffet for $7.95, Monday to Friday, from 11am to 2:30pm.  If you’re not an Indian food lover, I urge you to try it out just once!  Their food isn’t too heavy on the Indian spices and people who tend not to like Indian food will be able to enjoy it.   It was so hard to get my boyfriend to eat Indian food with me, but somehow, he was convinced to try Gill’s and now, HE even suggests to go there for lunch! (Thanks, Brandon for introducing us to Gill’s! =D)

Gill’s is located in the back of the first floor of the Stillwell Hotel on 838 S. Grand Avenue, between 8th & 9th Streets in Downtown LA.

Lobby of the Stillwell Hotel.

Entrance to Gill’s Indian Restaurant.  The place is small and gets packed at prime-lunch time, but we usually go at around 1-ish and get a table.  I would have liked to have taken a shot of the place, but I wasn’t comfortable (yet) with taking photos of other people eating.

They have a number of items for their lunch buffet including salad, basmati rice, dal (lentil) of the day, chicken tikka masala (my favorite), curry chicken, tandoori chicken, and fruit.  Those seem to be the usuals and then they change out some items.  For example, I had saag aloo the first time I went (but haven’t had it since then =( ) and they had tofu today.

For my plate today (from top left going clockwise) – basmati rice, dal of the day, aloo matter (potatoes), chicken tikka masala, tofu, and in the center, curry chicken.  Their curry chicken and chicken tikka masala was very tender and juicy – I had to get seconds!  (Looks like I’ll need to invest in a macro lens too. <=T)

One of the best parts of Gill’s lunch buffet is the freshly baked naan that they drop off on your table straight from the oven.  So good!

Try their Numbu Pani (pronounced “nimbu pani”) – homemade sparkling lemonade with ginger.  Very refreshing.

They give you your change back on this gorgeous plate.