J and I went to High Voltage Tattoo (Hollywood, CA) to continue work on J’s tattoo from Adam Forman.  Adam has been our tattoo artist and friend for several years now.  He is such an awesome artist and a great person!  We love going to see Adam, not just because we’re getting tattooed, but we always have a great time with him.

High Voltage Tattoo Shop’s merchandise. The graphics on the t-shirts are designed by each of the artists that work in the shop.  If you’re not going in to get a tattoo, buy a t-shirt and support the artists!

This huge chandelier hangs above their front desk. That’s about all the shots I got of the shop because they were actually filming for their reality show, LA Ink, and didn’t allow photography.  It was definitely interesting to watch them film though!

Adam’s book. We love that Adam put together a book of his tattoos and illustrations to put at the front desk for viewing.  Pick it up and check it out if you stop by the shop!  (I’m sooooo excited because I found my next tattoos from there today!!!!)

Adam making some markings/outlines for what he needs to do for this session.

The first prick. I don’t know why, but I always like to take a photo of the first prick. ;D

J’s entire right arm and chest is tattooed by Adam.  The panther on the upper part of the arm was the first tattoo he got from Adam about 4 years ago!

Adam takes a quick break and J stretches.  It’s a good shot to see how J’s arm was “before” this session.. ..and a peak into Adam’s section of the shop with an interesting art piece behind him.

What you see in red are the new details that Adam added today.  I really like the color and tones of a fresh tattoo.

Adam tattooed the skull two sessions ago and is now working on the decorations around it to complete J’s sleeve.

Took a break from Adam and J to take photos of the Kiss and Simpsons shrine in the bathroom. ;D

Kiss figurines everywhere in the bathroom… and yes, they’re plastered onto the ceiling as well.

It looks like Kat might have been in a Simpson episode.  Anyone see it???

Back to Adam and J…

Adam saved J’s elbow for last.  The elbow, from what I’ve been hearing, is very very painful to get tattooed.  Good thing J has both of them done now and never has to go through it again!

Done for today.  J probably has 1-2 more sessions to go to finish his sleeve.

J’s elbow doesn’t look very happy (can you see the swelling?).

Adam and J discussing what they’ll work on next time.

See you SOON Adam!!!!

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