I definitely need to work on my photography, especially in low-light settings. …but I don’t want to keep bad photos from working on my blog! ;D  (December 8, 2011 edit: I figured out the “auto levels” on Photoshop!..so these photos have been adjusted and don’t look as yellow anymore. yay!)

Nickel Diner has been featured on a Food Network show.  I haven’t seen the show, so I wouldn’t be able to tell you anything about it.  I do know that a lot of other people might have watched the show though because there’s always a line on Saturdays and Sundays for breakfast and lunch.  They also film here a lot, but they try to keep the filming to Mondays when they’re closed.

Breakfast menu.

Lunch menu. I like that they have 2 different drawings for each side of the menu.

Irish Car Bomb Donut. Their Maple Bacon Donut is their signature donut. Sounds weird, but give it a try, especially if you’re a bacon lover! …but of course, they ran out of it on a Sunday at 2PM.  The Irish Car Bomb is new on the menu, so we decided to try it.  It was OK.  I think I prefer their Nutella donut.

Pop Tart. Their home-made pop tart is quite yummy!  I’m actually not a huge pop tart fan, so I wouldn’t be able to compare for you, but I liked this one.  The outside is nice and flakey.

French Toast. If you like super sweet french toast, then this is for you.  It was way too sweet and soggy for me.  I was quite disappointed. =(

BLTAE. Bacon Lettuce Tomato Avocado and Egg (fried egg) sandwich. Yummy.

Chili-Lime Grilled Salmon Salad. This is my favorite salad at Nickel Diner.  The salmon is always cooked perfectly and I like the quinoa that’s added to the salad.  I think it’s full of flavor and only dip into the dressing lightly.

I like this wall of old pricing.  I just wish prices were still that low.

Nickel Diner has nice and friendly servers and you’ll always see the owner around working hard at making sure you’re taken care of and that the food is to your liking.  The kitchen is sometimes slow, so definitely start off with one (or a few) of their specialty donuts to kill some time (they’re fun to try too!).

Our favorite dish at Nickel Diner is their Catfish with Corn Cakes and Pecan Sauce dinner entree – they only serve it for dinner.  I like it because it’s something totally different, something that you can’t get anywhere else.  All the ingredients work well together and it’s just so yummy!

I also like their velvet cake – it’s moist and has small chocolate crispies in it!  Their s’mores cake is fun to try too because they bring a mini-torch out to your table and flame the marshmallow frosting in front of you!