I’ve never had a macaron.. well, at least I don’t ever remember having one.  I was thrilled to have my friends Al & Sarah introduce me to Paulette in Little Tokyo (Downtown LA) this past Sunday.  Paulette is located in the Little Tokyo Galleria on 3rd and Alameda on the first floor.  (There’s also a Beard Papa’s there too!)

The colors of the macarons were amazing and so pretty!  I like how they added very delicate and simple decorations on some of the cookies as well.

From this side (from right to left) you can see coffee (the decoration looks like little Pac-Man faces to me ;P), peanut butter, coconut (my favorite from the 4 I’ve tried), pistachio, etc.

Sarah bought a box of 24.  I like the packaging – the 2 slender boxes slide into the cover – and look at all those pretty colors!  It would definitely make a yummy gift!

I tried the pistachio, coffee, and sweet almond and I liked them all, except I thought the coffee was a bit too much to have with the iced coffee I was sharing with my baby sister.  The flavors are wonderful and I would definitely go back to try the others.

After snacking on the yummy treats, my sister and I went across the way to Utsuwa-No-Yakata where they sell glassware – bowls, plates, cups, sake bottles and glasses, chopsticks, etc.  I saw this geometric patterned bowl and thought J would really like it so I picked it up for $7 total (including tax).  There are plenty of other pretty bowls and there’s a sale on most of their items.   I can’t wait to go back next time to see what’s new in stock and new in their clearance section!