Last weekend, I attended a high-tea bridal shower.  My very first high-tea and maybe my third bridal shower?  The flower arrangements were gorgeous and made by the bride-to-be herself.  Made sense to me since she has her own floral design shop and makes gorgeous arrangements! (Check out her site, Letu Floral Design.)

I was lucky and won a centerpiece to bring home!  It sat goregeously in our living room on our Knoll Studio Saarinen tulip coffee table.

It’s been a week now and the roses and other flowers were wilting and dying.  So, when I woke up this morning, I thought I’d get rid of the arrangement.  (Maybe I should have taken a photo of it before throwing it out so that you don’t think I butchered the original arrangement, but saved what was good. ;P)  However, I noticed that the peonies were still doing OK, so I decided to save them and put them in this smaller vase.

I cut the stems in hopes to revive them a bit.  Some flowers are very good at reviving after you cut the stems, even after they’ve been wilting for a while.

The added pink bow is from the bow used to tie up the cupcake boxes at the bridal shower (you can see in the first photo).  The bride-to-be’s sister makes awesomely delicious cupcakes! (Check out her site, Leyna’s Kitchen.)

Looks pretty on our tulip coffee table, huh? =D

Thank you Letu Floral for my pretty pretty flowers for the week (maybe even for 2 weeks)!!