Yesterday, J and I drove up to Ventura to check out a 1968 Mercedes-Benz 250S that he saw on  The car is in pretty good condition considering it’s age.  It’s been garaged kept and has only 70,000 miles!

J is really good at checking out cars.  He checks for everything, asks tons of questions, opens up the hood and trunk, checks for leaks, etc. and he will easily pass up a car if he sees even one major thing wrong with it.  He takes it out for a ride and won’t hesitate to accelerate and slam on the brakes to check on them…but usually, if you get him to the point of test-driving the car, it’s pretty much passed a majority of his tests.

I don’t know if you can guess by now, but since I’m posting up photos, he bought the car!  It is a really cute car and since J doesn’t need to drive much anymore,  he wanted a more fun car to drive.  I really like the steering wheel of this car.  I like that metal rim and it’s shape.  I gave it my own test drive for a few blocks after we brought it back home.  There was a crazy lady (we are in Downtown LA!) riding her bike in the middle of the lane and when she didn’t move to the right lane when there were no parked cars, J said, “honk her.”  We usually don’t like to honk, but I wanted to test out the honker on this thing.  I kept pushing the center of the steering wheel and couldn’t get it to work.  It turns out that that metal piece is the honker!

The shift knob and gear placement is cute too!

The interior is red, but it’s not very clean.  HOPEFULLY we’ll be able to get the black stains out.

Can you also see the cool wood-paneling around the windshield???

The front of the car has an old luxury look.  I like the big grill, the lights, and the shape of the hood.

We always meet wonderful and interesting people when J buys stuff off Craigslist. (This seller gave us some avocados from his tree in his backyard!)  Of course, since J was purchasing the car, the seller invited us into his house so that they could do the paper work.  Sitting on his coffee table was this figurine. I thought it was interesting and asked what it was.

It’s an OLD piggie bank that the seller inherited from his deceased uncle.  You cock back the Indian’s gun, place a coin (in the photo, a dime is placed), and you push the little trigger under the Indian and he shoots the coin into the big grizzly bear!  The Indian cocks his head back and the bear’s mouth opens when you do this.  It’s sooooo cool!  I kept playing with it over and over again! (No, I don’t condone shooting animals/gaming, but I thought the way this biggie bank works  was cool.)