On Friday, April 15, 2011, we went to the opening reception for Downtown: Incomplete LA photo exhibit presented by the Location Managers Guild of America at the Terrell Moore Gallery in Downtown LA.  (The exhibit ends on April 30, 2011!)

The photography exhibit was cool and the opening reception was very successful, but I didn’t really take photos.  The place was packed and maybe only 2-3 people were taking photos, so I thought maybe it wasn’t appropriate.  (You know how sometimes you go to museums and other galleries and can’t take photos?)  ..but I snagged the above photo because I thought it was  a rare moment that I was able to get a clear shot in such a crowded room.

There was an Edison fairy there serving up her potions.  The photo above shows her restocking her cart.  (Yeah, her storage room was in the bathroom.)

Here’s the fairy’s stocked cart with 2 different flavored elixirs in cute glass square bottles.  There are also fliers to promote the Edision and Clifton’s Cafeteria.  The owners of the Edison have recently bought Clifton’s Cafeteria.  They’re supposed to open later now and have changed the food (I wasn’t excited about the food from the previous ownership), but we haven’t been there since the change of ownership.  I will definitely post when we go there!  The interior space of Clifton’s is very very unique.