I am having so much fun appliqueing onesies!  I’ve been meaning to do this for a long time, but honestly, I was hesitating on investing in purchasing onesies.  Again, I have to thank my friend, Steve, for making a big order to stretch my skills and inventory.

This is the first monogram onesie I’ve made.  My boss (awesome boss! ;D) requested a Zinnias baby set (blanket, bib, and burp cloth) for her friend.  She had been suggesting that I applique onesies for a while now and I was thrilled to have onesies available for her set this time!

As I was working on cutting the Zinnias fabric for the blanket, I had to cut off a strip because it was too big for the minky pink fabric that I had.  I actually thought of this mosaic design last night, so I thought I’d try the idea.  I cut up the squares and played around with which ones I was going to use and it worked!

I’m excited that this is the first onesie I posted in my Etsy shop!  I can’t wait to make more and to come up with more designs.  I’m open to ideas, so if you have any,  feel free to comment/post!