I love receiving custom orders and special requests to work on things that I haven’t worked on before!  Sure, I’ve started monogramming onesies and t-shirts, but I haven’t thought of using the Retro Apples & Pears print on a letter because I thought the print was too spaced out.  However, I received a request for a monogrammed onesie in a gender neutral print.  It was a slightly tricky task and with some trial and error with another print, I ended up using the Retro Apples & Pears print for this “O” on a 3-6 months onesie.

I decided to stitch it close to the edges with a straight stitch.  It will fray after each wash to create a vintage and unique look each time.  I thought that was the right stitch (instead of the zig zag) to add to the retro feel of the print.

So what do you think? ;D