This past Sunday, Lisa, Ann, and I went hiking up towards the Hollywood sign.  I hardly ever go hiking, or do much outdoor activities for that matter, so I really did enjoy getting the fresh air (when we weren’t trailing horse poop & dust), the sun, and time with the girls.

Goal: Hollywood Sign.  We parked the car at the base just below Sunset Ranch (bottom right corner of the photo).  We started at about 5:45PM so that we wouldn’t get caught in the mid-day sun and heat.  It was still pretty hot, but there were a few patches of shade along the path.  I think it was good timing because as we were heading back, there were groups of people hiking up for the sunset.  That would have been cool, but it was also nice to get the hike pretty much to ourselves.  Our total time up was about 1 hour, but that’s because we stopped a lot to take photos and enjoy the scenery.

The group of horse-back riders that left Sunset Ranch just ahead of us.  They left a trail of dust & poop that we had to stop a bit for it to clear up.  Seriously, do they train these horses to poop just right outside the ranch so that they don’t have to clean it up?  You really had to watch the road from the entrance/exit from the ranch until the split in the road where the horse trail goes right and we continued our hike to the left.

Griffith Observatory (on the left) and Downtown LA in the background.  I was thrilled that it was such a clear day and the sky was so beautiful & blue.

The other side.  We were able to see Burbank on the other side of the hills.

Almost. Yay! We made it to the Hollywood sign!  To the right, you can see Lake Hollywood Reservoir.

Just a little up the path more and you can see the whole Hollywood sign.. but continue just a bit more..

..and you get to the highest point behind the Hollywood sign.  So cool!

*inhale* AaaaAAaAH!  Take a moment to take in all of LA.

Little critters would scuttle by and hide, but this one decided to hang out on the side for a photo-opt.

Goofing off with our shadows on the way down. teehee.  THANKS girls for an awesome hike!