I’ve lived in LA for 5 years now and this past Wednesday was my very first time going to the Hollywood Bowl for a concert!  Lucky me, my 1st experience was no ordinary experience either.  I went with Dr. Sam, Kinue, and Tomoko.  (I met all of them through my part-time job at ABL.)  Dr. Sam has season box seats AND gets VIP treatment for parking.  You might not think it’s a big deal, but the Hollywood Bowl has stacked parking, so getting out after a concert can be a nightmare if there are cars parked in front of you.

Unfortunately, the Bowl does not allow cameras with detachable lenses. I was completely bummed that security did not let me in with my camera.  I had to put my camera back in the car, but luckily Dr. Sam had a good camera.  It took really great photos in low-light.  Hopefully he’ll send some photos to me and I can replace the following mobile-photos with them.

Me at the Hollywood Bowl right next to our box seats!

The box seats are so cool!  The Bowl allows you to bring your own picnic, including alcoholic beverages!  They can set up 2 tables in your box.  I went with Bowl veterans so all together, we had 2 bottles of wine, 2 bottles of beer, cheese (yummy triple cream brie from Trader Joe’s!), salami, crackers, tapenade (olive spread), snappea crisps, bread, and we picked up 2 large sandwiches from Quiznos.  It was a great idea to get there well before the concert started so that we could park, settle in, set up our picnic, and enjoy our food, a gorgeous summer night, and just being at the Hollywood Bowl.

James Ingram opened our show.  To be honest, his name sounded familiar, but I couldn’t pin-pint him to any particular song.  The first song that he performed, I never heard of, but just being at the Bowl with it’s amazing acoustics and the fun energy of the crowd, the start was amazing!  As he continued his set, it turned out hat I knew about 80% of his songs!  My 2 favorites were, “I Don’t Have the Heart” and “Somewhere Out There” from American Tale! James Ingram is a great live singer.  It made me realize that in order to perform at the Hollywood Bowl, you have to be a great singer.  The acoustics are crisp and clear and it truly is a place for live singing.  (I don’t think you’ll be seeing people like Britney Spears perform there.)

Gladys Knight was the main act for the evening and she is just amazing!  She has such a positive energy and is so much fun!  She made my 1st Hollywood Bowl experience very intimate.  She talks to the audience and in between her songs, she tells small stories with a positive note.  Gladys brought up Forest Gump and how she loves that movie.  She “loves Forest for his innocence.  He knows no colors and has no bounds.  He just loves.”  …I can remember exactly how Gladys said it and it just warms my heart and makes me smile.

Gladys was just great!  I admire women like her with such positive energy and a great sense of humor.

To Gladys: “HeEeeeeey!”

To Dr. Sam, Kinue, & Tomoko: Thank you for a wonderful 1st experience at the Hollywood Bowl!  It was truly amazing and magical!