When James suggested to go to Mario’s for dinner last night, I had absolutely no hesitation!  MmMmmMario’s!

Mario’s Peruvian & Seafood Restaurant.  Mario’s is a hole-in-the-wall, very casual restaurant located in the Mid-Wilshire area on 5786 Melrose Avenue.  There’s always a line (make sure you go in to the counter and sign up your party for the wait) and they close fairly early – 8pm Monday through Thursday and 9:30pm on Fridays & Saturdays.  There is a parking lot right in front, but it’s shared with the few other stores in the small strip mall so it’s usually full.  There’s street parking towards the side and back.

Saltado de Pollo.  The only thing I order at Mario’s is the Saltado de Pollo.  We don’t go very often.  Well, not as much as I would like to anyway, so I just stick with what I like.  We have tried some of their other yummy dishes in the past, but this is my favorite here.  I’ve also tried slatados at several other Peruvian places, and nothing comes close to Mario’s!  It has juicy chicken, french fries, onions, and tomatoes with a side of white rice. As you can see from the photo, it is a bit greasy, but oh so yummy!

Green Sauce & Inca Kola. Mario’s green sauce is so freakin’ awesome! James and I are not hot sauce/spicy food people.  I don’t even have hot sauce at home – well, now I have 3 packets that I took from Chick-fil-a the other day. ;P  I like when there is spice AND taste.  I don’t like spicy food/hot sauce when it’s just hot.  Mario’s green sauce is the only hot sauce that we’ll take the abuse from and go back for more.  I start sweating and my nose runs a little by the end of the meal.  James gets red and we both fan our mouths, but we love it!  I’ve had green sauce elsewhere, and again, nothing comes close to Mario’s green sauce.  ..as for the Inca Kola, that’s J’s drink for when we come to Mario’s, but I do steal a few sips here and there. ;D

Ready to Eat.  My saltado de pollo with some green sauce.  I suggest you try just a bit of the green sauce first to see if you can take the heat.  I only take a dab with every bite.  James laced his plate with green sauce, which I was very surprised because he’s even less into hot sauce than I am.  He had the fried red snapper topped with onions and tomatoes.  It looked similar to my dish (instead of french fries, a piece of cut potato) since his fish was at the bottom, so I didn’t take a photo.. that and he dug right into it as soon as the plate hit the table.

Saltado de Pollo Fried Rice at Home.  The good thing about Mario’s is that there is always left-overs, well, for me anyway.  I love left-overs, even a little bit can help make some fried rice.  Mario’s actually has really yummy fried rice which James orders every other time we go.  It would be awesome if they served the saltado de pollo with a side of their fried rice, but they don’t do that, we’ve asked.   So, above is some left-over Mario’s saltado de pollo with some left-over rice I had.  It’s actually great with the rice it comes with because it’s been sitting in the juices, but I’m saving that for when J can enjoy the fried rice with me.  I just added an egg and some scallions to make mine.  Don’t forget to ask for some extra green sauce to take home with you!  They usually give you about 3 in a small Solo cup.  I believe you can actually buy their green sauce to take home too!

They don’t have a website, so check on Yelp! for more info and reviews.