Happy Friday!!!  This week has been an aH-mAaazing week!! There has been so much going on for us and I’m just loving everything right now! As my good friend Lisa said, “You’re high on life.”  ;D

The “main event” for us this week is James’ release of the video for Che’Nelle’s “Follow Me”.  James worked long and hard on this video and it has taken some time for him to finally finish it up.  It’s been long anticipated and I think it’s well worth the wait!

Che’Nelle is an absolute sweetheart with so much natural talent!  She is totally chill, down to earth, and so much fun!  There was just so much positive and fun energy on set and we all had a great time at each shoot.  We were so blessed with so many amazing, talented, and supportive people who worked with us on this video!

Che’Nelle’s current album, Luv Songs, is #1 on iTunes in Japan!  I was lucky to snag a copy (signed! ;D) and I just love her voice on these love ballad covers.  I am so thrilled and excited for her with all the success she’s been having.  She constantly works hard and absolutely deserves it all!

Congrats Che’Nelle!!!!