I finished my first cone of thread!!! That’s 6,000 yards of thread!! .. or 18,000 feet, or 216,000 inches of thread!!!  I’m excited because it just symbolizes how much sewing I’ve done.  The cone was for white thread, which is an easy color to use up, so I’ll be slightly bit more excited to finish up my first cone of color thread (other than white and black).  ;P

Here’s my bottom desk drawer full of thread.  There’s 4 cones of black that’s missing from in there since they’re sitting on the serger because I was working on making 16 dinosaur tote bags.

J just came home and I told him and he asked, “Do you want to hang it up?” =D  What should I do to display my first finished cone of thread?  It doesn’t have to be (and probably won’t be) permanent.