Soon after I posted a listing for a Personalized Little Dino Tote Bag in my Etsy shop, I received an order for 16 of these cute little tote bags!  My client was looking for party favor bags for a dino themed party – I’m assuming it may be for her son’s Birthday party??  The super-organized Mom ordered these bags well in advanced, and since they were party favors, she didn’t need them personalized.

Usually, the most tedious part of making these bags is pinning the 2 sides together, measuring the handles to make sure they’re at an even distance and in the same spot on both sides, and re-pinning the handles in before sewing them on.  However, with these bags, since the client requested to have the handles match the reverse side of the bags, making the handles was the most tedious part.  Making these handles required cutting, sewing, folding, ironing, sewing, folding, ironing, and more sewing and sewing.  It sounds simple, but folding and ironing them to ensure that they were even was pretty daunting…and induced a few light burns. =P  ..and 16 bags means 32 handles!

These dino bags are so cute!! Too bad I don’t have any more of that particular dino pattern to make much more.  I actually had to take apart a small blanket that I had listed in my shop in order to get 16 dinos.  The good thing is that it leaves me with a few more dinos to applique on to bags.

All 16 bags ready for the dino party!

I think these will make cute trick-or-treat bags for Halloween, and then, of course, they can be used for a long time after.  I’ve mostly been hearing that they make great library/book tote bags!  I’m looking forward to relisting them as soon as I get caught up on a few big custom orders.

The client requested that the reversible side have a dino print.  (Notice the handles match this side of the bag. ;D)  At the time she made the order, I didn’t have any  on hand, so she chose from some prints that I had available.  During the months, I had shown her a few options for dino prints, but she didn’t like any of them.  Luckily, she was happy with this one and the search was over and she got her tote bags fully themed with dinos!

Up-close shot of one of the dino bags.

..and an even more zoomed in shot to show the zig zag stitch on the applique.

These bags are happily on their way to Malaysia now!  I hope my client receives the package with no problems and that she, as well as her party guests, will enjoy these bags!  RawRrRrr!