I sell on Etsy.com so it makes absolute sense to me that I shop on Etsy as well.  I like the feeling of giving back to the Etsy community since it’s given me the opportunity to start my own business and sell my handmade items.  I also know the thrill of receiving an order, so I hope to spread that joy and excitement with my fellow Etsians, because, let’s face it, the cashier at the corporate store is not going to feel that way.

I’ve been meaning to get a mouse pad for quite some time now, but it wasn’t really a necessity.  I’ve been using the square envelope of my friend’s wedding invitation as my mouse pad for well over a year now.  It worked, but as you can see, it’s a little small. (You’re laughing at it aren’t you? ;P)  I really don’t have much room on my desk with a sewing machine, serger, computer, paperwork for my part-time job, desk stuff (pens, markers, scissors, etc.), and sewing tools (needles, threads, pins, scissors, etc.), so the small “mouse pad” worked.

However, after joining the Etsy team, Etsians of Facebook last week, I met Gilmore Creations.  She sells mouse pads, so I thought it was a perfect coincidence and time for me to get a mouse pad!  I like her mouse pads because she uses cotton fabrics with pretty prints, a few that are the same prints that I use for my items!

Falling Leaves in Aqua Rectangle MousePad by Gilmore Creations.

I received my package pretty quickly and was impressed when I opened it to find the mouse pad well wrapped and packaged with a freebie bookmark and a Thank You notecard from Kim!  I still can’t figure out “branding” for my own shop, but she seems to have the right idea!

The note on the cover of the mouse pad says that you can use it as a trivet as well and “has been treated with fabric protection guard against spills and stains.”  Brilliant!

Much better, yes?  I love my new mouse pad! Teehee. (A photo of my desk was not taken because it’s a huge mess right now.  ;P)

Head on over to Gilmore Creations and check out her mouse pads!  Use coupon code “SAVE20” at check-out for 20% off until Tuesday, September 27, 2011!