I made this personalized lounge set for my niece last month (size 12-18 months).  Space  Invaders was a perfect print since my brother is a serious gamer (he works in the gaming industry too) and my sister-in-law loves the 80’s (although her favorite video game is Ms. Pac-Man).  I also remember watching my Daddy play Space Invaders when he took us to Chinatown Fair Arcade (in Manhattan, NYC).  The arcade is no longer there, but I still have the fun memories of going there with my Daddy and big brother.

I love the bright colors of the Space Invaders against the black!

My good friend & neighbor saw the set and requested that I make a few sets for his nephews in Spain!  Yeup! Now my hand-made items are going to be in Spain!  Seriously, I wish I could travel with my items!  (The set above is in a size 2T.)

This set is in a size 18-24 months.  So cute!  I hope they’ll like it!

I  decided to make a set for my friend’s son – size 4T.  This one is going to eventually be in Australia! It’ll do a little traveling to the East Coast first. ;D

And last, but certainly not least, this monogrammed (3-6 months) onesie is for newborn baby Brandon!

I can’t wait to start posting lounge sets in my shop!  I’m just waiting to get feedback on the fit and sizing..and just taking my time to make a few more so that I have the technique down for quality sewing.  Unfortunately though, this Space Invaders print will not be listed since it’s licensed.  Such a bummer since I think it would have been a hit!