Last night, we unexpectedly had dinner with some friends at Chun Cheon Dakgalbi – Chicken Kalbi in Koreatown.  I had no idea what kind of place we were going to, except that it was a Korean restaurant.  Upon walking into the restaurant, I saw burners on each table, but yet it didn’t look like (or smell like) a Korean BBQ place.  Since our friend had been there before, we let him order our dinner.

Raw Dakgalbi.  A few moments later, we had this set on to the burner at our table.   Dakgalbi has chicken, rice noodles, and some veggies.  I really like their rice noodles!  It has a very soft texture and is not too chewy nor mushy

Mild.  Then, we were asked how spicy we wanted it.  This is mild!  He wasn’t even done squeezing in the red spicy paste from the bottle when I took this photo.  He actually squeezed in a little more, put the bottle down, picked it up, and squeezed in a little more!

Fried Dumplings.  Good thing our friend ordered some yummy fried dumplings for us to chow down on while we waited for our dakgalbi to cook!

At this point, I realized that what we were having for dinner I had only one time before.  In 2001? 2002? I went to Korea to visit my friend while she was teaching in Seoul.  Almost 10 years later, I got to try this dish again!  Why haven’t I had it in 10 years???

Stir It Up.  I thought the service was very good.  Our server kept coming over to work on our dakgalbi.  I also liked the experience of watching our food slowly cook while we hung out and chatted…and while some of us slowly picked at the vegetables.

Chicken.  See the raw chicken sitting on the top now?

Sauce Incorporated.  This is after the server completely stirred up the whole dish.  All the red spicy paste is now incorporated into the dakgalbi.  Again, this is mild!  I was sweating a little and had a slight runny nose when I was done with this meal, but it was fun to eat.

KookSoonDang – Draft Makkoli – rice wine with fizz from a plastic bottle served in bowls.



Shredded Cheese.

Time to Chow Down!

We didn’t do too bad for 6 people (5 guys, 1 girl), huh?  ..but wait!  There’s more!

One Egg.  They take your left-overs and make fried rice!

Adding in the white rice and some shredded dried seaweed.

Slowly Integrating our left-over sauce and chicken into the fried rice.

Almost done!

Let It Sit.  The server spread out the fried rice and we let it sit, hoping that the bottom would crisp.  I checked after several minutes, but it didn’t seem like it was crisping, so we waited a few minutes more.  Disappointingly, it seemed that he turned off the burner so it never crisped/burned.  Bummer.. but it was still tasty.  I only had a few bites since I was already so full from the dakgalbi.

For dessert, they serve frozen yogurt in mini-paper-icey-cups.  We took it off the plate and ate it before it melted, so no photos, but it was definitely a good way to end the meal.

I thought it was a fun experience.  Our friend said that there are a few restaurants in K-town that serve this.  I’m interested in trying some more! ;D