I’ve been looking for some natural soaps to buy on Etsy for some time now.  So, when I found nurturebody on the Etsians of Facebook team, I thought I’d give them a try.

Since I couldn’t decide on a particular one to try, I ordered a sample set of 4 soaps.  I received the Lemongrass Calendula (their most popular soap), Almond Spice, Spring Rose, and Peppermint Leaf… and a freebie Spring Garden Bath Soak (love the smell)!  My two favorites on scent alone is the Lemongrass Calendula and Spring Rose.

I love that these soaps are made from natural ingredients.

I really liked the scent of the Lemongrass Calendula and since it’s their most popular soap, I decided to try that one first.  The scent of this soap is very refreshing.  It’s strong enough to scent up our bathroom (it’s like an air freshener for an added bonus!), but it’s not over-powering.  I love that the top of the soap is textured and unfinished and topped with calendula petals.  My skin feels squeaky clean but not dry after using this soap.  I like the touch of the poppy seeds for some exfoliation too.

I haven’t used bar soap in years because I felt that bar soap left a filmy layer on my skin.  Also, I thought bar soaps get too soggy/soft and in turn leaves pieces on my skin and is wasteful.  But these soaps are great!  Very solid, smell great, and leave my skin feeling clean without over-drying it or leaving an icky residue.

I’m currently using the Spring Rose and I really like that scent too.  It’s smooth and creamy, but again, it doesn’t leave any icky residue feeling on my skin.

Nurturebody is currently offering 15% off!  Just use coupon code FALL15 and try these wonderful soaps for yourself!