J & I decided to try The Flying Pig Cafe which recently opened up in Little Tokyo, Downtown LA.  The Flying Pig food truck has been quite popular in LA and the owners decided to open up a restaurant.  Thank goodness!  I’ll be honest, I’m not a huge fan of those food trucks.  I like to sit down and eat my meal and for what you pay for at some of those food trucks, I’d like it to come with service, real plates, and utensils! – oh! and a glass of iced water would be nice too. ;P

I am not a huge fan of loco moco.  A hamburger patty on rice with gravy – eh, not my thing… but for some reason, James picked it out as one of the choices and it also came recommended by our server.

I was very pleased to see this plate dropped off at our table.  It looked very appetizing and smelled great.  I was excited to see the piece of SPAM and beans!  I don’t recall ever seeing beans on a loco moco!  Now, I am definitely not a loco moco expert, and I can already see traditionalists squirm and say that this is NOT a loco moco, but I liked it.  I REALLY liked it!  As a matter of fact, I would go back to The Flying Pig Cafe just to have this (and to be in the restaurant with such cute decor)!

The burger patty is a mix of ground pork and ground beef with great flavoring!  It’s very juicy and has great texture.  It comes with a fried egg (although I thought ours was a little over cooked – it would have been nicer if the yolk was still runny), a slice of SPAM, beans, and brown rice.  Needless to say, we devoured it and licked the plate clean!  I’m actually tempted to try this combo at home too.  Although I know my burger patty might not have the same flavor, I think the combination of all these ingredients worked very well together.

The Flying Pig Cafe offers some lunch specials and the loco moco is one of them!  I believe it’s a few bux cheaper than if you order it during dinner hours.  Definitely go and give it a try!