I met this cuuUuUuutE 9 week old grey pitbull yesterday.  He’s absolutely adorable!!!  He was a bit tired, so he just sat there and allowed me to snap a few photos of him.

Isn’t he such a cutie?!?!?!?

Look at those grey eyes!


Oh yeah, we were also at The Pie Hole, a new pie place in the Arts District of Downtown LA.

There wasn’t much of  a selection, but since they’ve just opened recently, perhaps they’ll eventually expand their menu?  They offer a few savory pies – curry vegetable pie (on the right in the photo above), mac & cheese pie, and a carnitas pie (which I wanted to try, but they were sold out).  The curry vegetable pie was pretty good, but we thought it was quite small for $6.  To the left in the photo above is their apple tart (J gobbled up half of it before I got the chance to photo it – he was hungry).  It was refrigerator cold and I thought it would have been much better if it was warmed up.

The Bourbon Pecan Pie was pretty yummy, but again, quite small for $6.

The Pie Hole was actually pretty full when we got there.  I guess a lot of people were trying this new place out.  I wonder what they thought about it and if they felt the same we did – disappointed and won’t be going back (unless they make some changes).