This past weekend, James & I were on the set of the Left 4 Dead fan-made video by Northern Five Entertainment.  I was just there to help out since we know the producer, E. Ro.  It’s always fun and exciting to be on a set and watch all these creative people work!

On the first long night of filming, I was a zombie.  When E. Ro asked me to help out as a zombie, I gave him a very excited “YES!”  I’ve never been professionally made up and have always been curious as to how I can be transformed.  I’ve also been interested in being on camera and thought it would be fun to be on camera, but not be “me.”  However, I was not prepared for what they needed me for.  I had thought that we were going to be a bunch of zombies walking together and I figured I could “hide out” in the back, but it turned out that they needed single shots of zombie – I had a “solo”!  EeeEEK!  Needless to say, I freaked out.  I really was unprepared and got camera shy.  I had a few takes and it wrapped since we were running over-time towards the end of the night.  I’m guessing I wasn’t a very good zombie though since I was asked to come back the next day, but to help out (and not be a zombie).  *pooey*  Oh well, we shall see when the video is done.  Either way though, I had fun.  I just feel bad if I wasn’t a good zombie because then I had wasted the make-up artist’s time and the crews’ time. <=T

The next day, with only 4 hours of sleep, I arrived on set and my first task was to turn a brand new pair of grey sweatpants to distressed brown pants for the Boomer character.  That was actually a fun task for me as I tried to figure out how to get it brown.  I wet some dirt and stomped it into the ground and poured some coffee on it.  Then, someone suggested that I use some cocoa powder!  Lucky for me, Jane, our awesome caterer, was stocked with a boxful of cocoa powder packets!  So, with a mix of cocoa powder, coffee, and dirt, I completed my first task!  The pair of sweat pants look gross, but they smelled good!

After that, I just helped out on the set here and there – made some green liquid to splatter on to one of the main actors, spray the actors to make them look sweaty  (although I got distracted and abandoned the task).  I also helped out with some lighting – moving lights, running with the ballast behind the guy running with the light, hold up some lights, etc.

Later on, I mostly stayed in the make-up room.  That was what fascinated me most!  It was so much fun to watch the artists transform everyone into bloody zombies!  The girls were so talented and were having so much fun!

I finally asked to see if I could help put on some make-up and I got to paint 2 guys’ faces with latex and rip it so that it would create some texture to make it look like broken skin.  This is one of the guys that I worked on and he was later painted in by another make-up artist.  I also got to help put fake blood on some of the zombies!  That was fun!  No photos of that because my hands were all “bloody” and messy afterwards.

I also got to help out with the Boomer character a little too – painted his arms while the artists took a little break and worked on other things.  See the pants?  Those were the ones I worked on when I first got there!  I wonder how it’s going to look on camera.

It’s always fun to be on set and watch people work and watch them work together.  There were a ton of really talented and creative people who were just so nice.  I was definitely inspired by their passion for their work and am grateful to have the opportunity to be there!

Check out a few more of my photos on Facebook and come back in about 2-3 weeks to check out the video!