Take a moment (an hour and a half) and watch this.  It’s a slow start, but by the end of the documentary, I hope you’re at least thinking about making some changes to your daily habits.  Come back and let me know what you think!

I’ve been slowly changing my habits so as to not consume as much energy or materials.  I’m glad to be raised by parents who instilled in me, “Don’t waste energy,” it wasn’t so much about “Don’t waste money.”  Simple things like turning off the light or TV when you leave the room for extended periods.  Using reusable hand towels instead of paper towels.  (I grew up with no paper towels in the house and thought it was a luxury when I went to someone’s house and they used paper towels.)

After watching the “Home” documentary, I actually haven’t blown dry my hair since and lowered the thermostat and actually just turned off the heat altogether yesterday and just put on more clothes.  I’m re-thinking my business and want to buy organic materials and trying to come up with more projects to use up my scraps of fabric.

So, what habits will you change?  I don’t expect anyone to make drastic changes, but I think any little change will help the earth, our home.

Come back soon and I’ll show you some products that I’ve bought from Etsy that have helped me reduce some waste!