This past Sunday, I went to the Patchwork Indie Arts & Crafts Festival in Culver City with my girlfriends.  I love going to these shows because there are so many neat things that you can discover.  There’s so much creativity and design and it’s always just a fun time to check out local artists and shops and to meet the designers and owners in person.

The first booth that caught my eye was Plastique*.  She caught my eye because I have been a fan of her work on Etsy and it was neat to see a fellow team member from the Los Angeles Street Team!  She has really creative jewelry pieces that are made of plastic.

Check out Plastique* on Etsy and Facebook!

The Jam Van of Backyard in a Jar that also hosts Suzi’s Farmhouse Finds.  Love the display!

Rock Scissor Paper has such cute designs on mugs, notebooks, piggy banks, water canisters, etc.

The Brigg Leather Company has leather braided bracelets, belts, bags, pouches, etc.

My friend wanted one of their braided bracelets, but they didn’t have the color she wanted that was braided.  So, they braided the one she wanted on the spot!  From the photo above, in the center, you can see a white unbraided and braided bracelet.

One of the partners of The Brigg Leather Company braiding my friend’s new bracelet.

Kelso Doesn’t Dance makes great notebooks, pins, magnets, wallets, garlands, etc. by upcycling old book, maps, dictionaries, library cards, etc.!

Fugu Fugu Press has cute cards.  Our favorite one is the Birthday Oops card with a little girl tooting and says, “Oops!! I’m late for your Birthday!”  teehee

Of course there were plenty of other great shops at the festival and if you’ve missed the Long Beach and Culver City events, Patchwork Indie Arts & Crafts Festival will be in Santa Ana, CA on Sunday, November 27th from 11am – 5pm.  Go check it out, support your local artists and businesses, and start your holiday shopping!  Come back and share some of the other great shops that you’ve discovered at the festival!

On a personal note, I went to the festival for inspiration and to check out the shops’ displays because I’ve been playing with the idea to set up my shop at one of these shows.  I was definitely inspired and saw many great products and displays and realized that I have to do these shows in order to grow my business.  These shows will be great for marketing, putting my products out there, seeing my clients face-to-face, etc.  I’m definitely not prepared for a show any time soon, but I need to think about signing up for a Spring show and start stocking up!

If you have any suggestions/advice to prepare me for setting up and selling at these shows, PLEASE do share!  Thanks in advance!