Are you ready for 2012?  Yeah, I know, we have more than a month to go, but next week is Thanksgiving and the rest of the year usually just flies by after that.  The next thing you know, you’re counting down to 2012 and making a wish for a great new year.

I was never really one to set goals or make resolutions, but somehow I’ve already set a goal for next year!  Yay!  I’m really excited because, as far as I can remember, I’ve never set a goal and somehow, without trying to, I did!

So, my goal for next year is to finally do a craft show!   I’m excited because indirectly, it means that I now have the confidence to feel that I’m ready to do this! (That’s really huge for me!)  Previously, I didn’t want to vend at any shows or festivals because I thought it was too much work, I didn’t have anything to offer (esp. when I was just making bibs, burp cloths, and blankets), and quite honestly, I thought I didn’t “have to” do them.  However, after I went to the Patchwork Indie Art & Crafts Festival, I was really inspired and found excitement in putting myself out there to meet my current fans and potential clients.  I realized that I was limiting myself by sitting in front of the computer hoping to get everything done in my own home.  The reality is, I need to put myself out there into a new market.  I need to physically make a presence.

I’m excited because it seems like it can be a lot of fun!  I’m not really directly focused on making money at a show right now, but more on getting exposure.  Of course I’m already nervous, but I’ve started to research what I would need – I feel that the more prepared I am, the less nervous I’ll be.  I’m not a shy person (most of the time), and I’ve been in retail and customer service, so I’m not nervous about interacting with people, but I’m nervous because I’m putting myself out there.  My products represent me and vice versa.  ..but this is what I feel I need to do in order to grow my business and I’m really excited to take this step!

Coincidentally, after setting this goal and thinking about it all week, I came across April’s post on Blacksburg Belle, “Why You Shouldn’t Wait for January to Set Your Business Goals.”  I am right on target and ahead of schedule!  I’ve already ordered my 2012 planner (photoed above) from PriaVanda and it’s already on it’s way.  I can’t wait to receive it so that I can start planning things out and marking dates!

Ready to roll!