We’re having some sort of wind storm here in LA.  The winds are so strong that they’re knocking over trees, knocking out traffic lights, and causing a lot of debris to fly in the air.  Our patio has not been exempt from the winds and Mother Nature has been rearranging our furniture and plants since late last night.  A few of my smaller succulents have lost their homes (pots) and taller ones have been knocked over. =(  So, after doing some fabric shopping in Downtown LA this morning, I stopped by the Flower Market to see if I could find some new pots.  I wish I had my camera with me – the Flower Market is full of Holiday plants – poinsettias, mini-pine trees, succulent wreaths, and, something new to me, Christmas cacti!

When I first stepped into the Flower Market, I saw mini-pine trees (Euro pine and Blue pine).  I thought it would be cute to have a mini-Christmas tree on my desk or on our credenza and decorate it with mini ornaments.  It would be nice to not have to chop down a tree and maybe have a tree for years to come…

….but then, I came across these Christmas cacti!!!  If you don’t know me, I looooove succulents and cacti (our garden consists mostly of succulents and cacti). ..and I thought these blooms were so pretty!! – no additional decorations needed!

I tried to pick one out that seemed to have different colored blooms – red & fuchsia.  I also bought him a pretty pot, which I will need to repot him in after a trip to Home Depot to get a big bag of soil (for all the other plants out in the patio as well).  He’s going to stay indoor with us, sitting pretty on the coffee table, for the season. =D

I can’t wait for the blooms to open!!!