Tomorrow morning, I take off to Chicago and Indianapolis for a long weekend.  I’m excited to see my besties and their families, but the timing couldn’t be better for me to take a break to gather my thoughts and plan for 2012.

My boarding materials are my 2011 planner (like the random stickers that I’ve collected? ;D), 2012 planner, a journal that my sister gave me for Christmas last year, and some sticky notes.  I plan to “think ahead” and mark up my 2012 planner with things that I need to do and plan for and, of course, my goals.  This time, I’m going to write my goals in directly into my planner.  Previously, I’d put my goals on little sticky notes so that if I didn’t reach them, I’d just move them to a later date.  Psychologically, that doesn’t work (duh).

I love the journal that my sister gave me!  At the time, I was really into Japanese-style drawn/painted waves (I somehow want to incorporate Japanese waves with my Polynesian-style turtle tattoo – that’s sitting oh so lonely on my hip right now), so it was perfect!  I’ll admit, that I haven’t used it yet, but thought of a great way to use it now.

I’ve kept journals/diaries for as long as I can remember…and I probably still have them all  – some still stashed at my parents’ place and the ones that I have since I moved to LA are here with me.  I used to write in my journals to get my feelings down and thought that it would be neat to go back years later and read them to see how I felt at that moment.  ..but today, as I was thinking many many thoughts (it’s one of those mornings where my mind has been racing), I thought about using it to write down my thoughts/ideas that I would like to work on and develop (would be great especially on a day like today!).

What’s the point of keeping a journal and living in the  past?  I should look-ahead and look forward to things that are to come.  Life is short and who knows how many more years I have to live.  Sure, it’s always nice and fun to reminisce about “the good old days”, but you know what?  Those days are gone!  As much as you want to try to relive it, it won’t happen exactly as it did back then.  You change and grow as a person and what made you happy back then won’t necessarily make you happy now.  If you are chasing the feeling that you had back then, find what will give you that feeling NOW!

My baby sister wrote a special note for me on the first page in the journal:


Dearest Cow, (a nickname from when we were very young)

On your down days, may these waves wash away your doubts and fears.

May these waves also inspire you and encourage you to continue doing what you enjoy.  Your Etsy business/shop has blossomed.  I’m proud of you – your improved sewing skills and determination.

Love Forever and Always,

Baby C


Love it! ❤  ..and it’s just perfect for what  I plan to use it for!


On another note, I stumbled across a new blog today – Blog of Impossible Things – and this post, Nice People Don’t Change The World, struck many many chords with the many many thoughts I had this morning.  It’s definitely a post I need to reread.  Heck, I may just print it out to bring with me on my trip to dissect it!