Merry Christmas!!!

Since I have some time before we head out, I figured I’ll post up some photos that I took yesterday.

First of all, I want to thank all you photographers out there who have inspired me to pick up the “big” camera again. ..esp. to Rhyah from A Lens and a Latte.  Why Rhyah?  Because she’s “not a professional” and is putting herself out there as she learns the “world of photography.”  I’ve already learned a quick tip or two from her!  Thanks Rhyah!

I was always frustrated with taking photos because I could never seem to get the lighting right.  I always thought people took “perfect” photos and wondered how they do it… then I discovered that people edit their photos! ..and sometimes it requires a lot of editing.

I’ve been meaning to pick up the “big” camera for a while now and lucky for me, J & I were invited to a last-minute luncheon yesterday.  There, I had the perfect subject – 1 year old Miles.  I love babies, and since it was his Birthday, he became the perfect subject!

He’s absolutely adorable, right?!?!?  I’m proud to say that the majority of my photos came out well!  Lighting was great at my friend’s house and since Miles can’t run around yet, he sat still long enough for me to catch a few nice shots.

None of these photos required any cropping (yay!) and I only adjusted the brightness level a bit, that’s it!

This one (above) is one of my favorites!  Uncle J is showing Miles how to do a mean wheelie – GrRrRrrr!

So, this last one (above), I did edit a bit – brightness, color, contrast, vignetting.  It’s not exactly what I wanted, but I did like how the photo came out.  I just saw a pretty red leaf laying on the ground in front of my friend’s house and took the shot.  I like the contrast between the red leaf and the concrete floor.  What do ya think? ;D

I hope you’re enjoying your Christmas with family and love ones!  Merry Merry Christmas!!!