I did!!! I finally did it!  I’ve been meaning to applique Chinese characters for well over a year now and now I finally did it!  WooHooOo!

Yay!  I’m happy about the way it came out and excited because I’ve been thinking about this project for so long!  I have a lot of “excuses” as to why I delayed for so long, but with the Chinese New Year coming up at the end of this month on January 23, 2012, I couldn’t delay any longer. 

This year will be the Year of the Dragon.  A very special year for me since we have many Dragons in my family and am one myself! =D

One of my excuses for delaying on this project is that I know how long it will take to make, cut, and sew the applique.  Carefully cutting and stitching on the applique is a very tedious task.  The “dragon” character contains a lot of curves which means, when stitching, it requires a lot of patience.  The key to stitching on an applique like this one is to sew very slowly and constantly lift the foot and pivot the needle around the applique (and very very good lighting!).  The character also has 3-parts to applique and 2 of the 3 parts have “holes”, which means more steps to start and end each part and “hole”… but you know what??  I really enjoyed making this!  =D

You can check out my shop listing to see other options of prints I can use for the “dragon” applique.  I worked on the Luca print first because I happen to be working on that print for some others.  Traditionally, red is more of a “good luck” color for the Chinese, but I like that I can offer it in other colors and prints.  I also offer the “dragon” applique in t-shirts for the bigger girls and soon I will be working on the character for “love” for Valentine’s Day and prints/colors for boys.  I can’t wait!!! …I have other ideas that I’m working on too, so stay tuned! =D