*SQUEAL*  I just worked on this little dress for my friends’ newborn daughter and I just LOVE the print!

Aside from the obvious Three Bears – Papa (indicated by a ‘D’ on his shirt for Daddy),  Baby (indicated by the ‘B’ on his shirt), and Mama (in her apron and holding a bowl of steaming hot porridge),…

.. there’s a bunny walking around looking for his carrots and Miss Snail batting her ultra long lashes.  teehee  I love the bunny because I’m a little obsessed with bunnies these days.  I’m thinking about getting a dwarf rabbit.  I’m sitting on the thought for a while because I’m not sure if I can take good care of a pet right now.  Although a dwarf rabbit will be absolutely adorable and cuddly, I’ve been busier with my business… so I’ll have to really think about it for now..

..and then, of course, there’s Goldilocks!  Almost missed her because of the placement that the fabric was cut and since this is a size S dress (3-9 months), but there she is by the seam in the back!

I also got to use my new pearl buttons that I picked up at the Rose Bowl Flea Market that we just went to this past Sunday!  Yay!

For the reverse side of this dress, I used another new fabric that I just got – Strawberry Patch.  Pink and girlie and sweet. ;D

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