My girlfriends surprised me with a cute early Birthday brunch yesterday at Little Next Door!

We always try to get together whenever we can and agreed to meet for brunch yesterday.  I was the last one to arrive and there was a beautiful bouquet of flowers sitting on my chair!  I hardly get any fresh cut flowers so whenever I get them, I just love them and cherish everyday that they sit so prettily and bright on our coffee table!

Anita’s cup of tea had such a cute tea bag!

My very frothy cup of cappuccino!!  I love when cappuccinos are done right!  ..and it was served in this “bowl” – there’s no handle!

We had a very yummy and filling brunch with eggs benedict, french toast, and an omelet.  For desserts, they got me a yummy coconut cheesecake Birthday cake accompanied by a variety of macaroons and a mini berry tart.  Yummy!  I was definitely on a caffeine and sugar high for the rest of the afternoon!

I am currently ADDICTED to natural and luxury soaps and sweet lady Jane got these for me!!! They smell so yummy and I can’t wait to use them!  I also really like the wrapping so they’re sitting on display on the shelf of our bathroom mirror until I use them.

When I returned home, I quickly placed my beautiful bouquet of flowers into a vase and noticed this siamese gerbera!!!  Cool huh?

I also really like the two-toned gerbera with a peach center and outer yellow petals.  I just love love love my pretty flowers and it’s just such a nice reminder of what a wonderful little celebration I had yesterday.  My girlfriends always know how to make me feel special! ❤