Unique LA presented its first Local Love Event this weekend!  I love it because Unique LA selects so many wonderful local artists and crafters for their shows and it’s in Downtown LA at the California Market Center, which is walking distance from me! WoohoOoO!

The Local Love Event was about half the size of their holiday shows…

but it still commanded a line at 10:50AM, just 10 minutes before they opened their doors.  Lucky for me, I was a guest of a vendor for this show, so there was no line for me! YAY!  For future reference though, if you plan to go to their holiday shows, pre-purchase your tickets on-line to avoid the lines.

Up on the penthouse level, Unique LA welcomed its guest and introduced its new jewelry line.

This is Brianna of Pooka Queen!  I LOVE her hair clips and accessories!  They are so well made and she has such great designs!  I met Brianna on the Los Angeles Street Team on Etsy and met her in person at the last Unique LA holiday show and at a meeting for vendors of Crafted at the Port of Los Angeles.  She’s super nice, talented, and creative!

I love how she uses old trunks/suitcases for her displays!

Great headbands and hair pieces!

Brianna is also working on her sewing skills and this skirt is one of my favorite things in her shop!  It’s so cute!!!  Check out her shop listing to see more views/photos (there’s a cute red bow on the back!).  I’m hoping to save money for this piece before she sells it! ;D

Here’s Brianna with her booth partner, Ali of Amarilo Designs.

Ali makes delicate quality jewelry that’s simple and pretty.

I’m definitely trying to save my pennies to get a few items from these lovely ladies in the future!

I walked the Local Love Event with Jonathan from Anon-Y-Mouse Print & Design (stationary & custom paper goods).  I also met Jonathan through the Los Angeles Street Team on Etsy and was glad that we could meet up and check out this event together.  We’ve been meeting a lot of local artists, designers, crafters, etc., through Etsy and Crafted, so we were excited to meet them in person and check out their work!

After hanging out with Brianna and Ali for a bit, we found Soledad of Sol del Sur (fiber art & accessories) another member of the LA Street Team!

Pocket Squre Clothing – bow tie clips, ties, and pocket squares (handkerchiefs).

Richie Letterpress & Design – I thought their booth design was so cute!

Hi Tree has such cute items!!! I’ve seen her a few times at craft fairs and all over Etsy (she’s been a featured seller) and I still go “Ooooh! Cute!” when I see her items!  I really like her retractable tape measure encased in a felt tree – too cute!  ..I think I need to add that to my personal shopping list. ;D

Janie XY makes cuuuuute plushies and I love her cute booth too!  I love the adorable drumstick rattles – what a cute concept and great packaging!

A friend of mine, Michelle of My Mishion – fashionable handbags at reasonable prices!  She’s a seasoned veteran of the Unique LA shows and it’s always great to see her there!

I caught Grace of Cake Bar by surprise (she was helping a customer). ;P  “A bakery specializing in alcohol infused desserts” – Uh… YuUuuM!!!  They gave us samples of the Irish Car Bomb and Limoncello Lemon Bars and they were so yummy!

It’s good to know that I’ll find Grace and her yummy desserts every weekend once Crafted opens up this Summer!

Yay! Another member of the LA Street Team on Etsy, David of Cheltenham Road – vintage style coasters, magnets, candle holders, and wooden signs.  I need to pick up some magnets from him! ;D

A print from MNKR that James and I really liked.

I picked up a bottle of Further hand soap.  See the jar of vegetable oil on the far right?  Marshall picks that up from the fine restaurants of LA and processes it into biofuel for his car and the glycerin gets used to make their soaps (the jar to the left of the jar of vegetable oil)!  Pretty neat huh?  They infuse the hand soap with fragrant oils of bergamot, olive and exotic grasses to make it smell good, but not over-powering – me like!

There were 300+ vendors at the Local Love Event, but these were all the photos I took (that came out).  I was busy enjoying the show and enjoying my free promotional drinks – including some local wines. ;D

I haven’t been spending much money (don’t have much lately =P), but I’ve been trying to change my habits to buy natural and local.  So here’s a list of the local vendors I bought items from at the event:

Unearth Malee.  I met Marie at the last Unique LA holiday show and bought a few of her body soaps.  I went back to her (because she’s so nice and informative ;D) to pick up a shampoo bar and an organic lotion bar.  I love that she wraps her bar soaps with paper that contains plant-able seeds!

Herban Body Care.  I picked up a facial cleansing clay bar from Herban.  It’s made with oats, sea clay, and Australian eucalyptus.

Nabele.  I bought a bottle Nabele’s skin potion – hydrating skin serum. It’s only a 1 oz. bottle, but I only need to use 4 drops, so I can see that it’ll last me a while.

I love all my new natural bath & beauty products!!  I love that they’re all natural with natural and fresh scents (nothing too over powering), that they’re made locally by these wonderful women (who answer my million and one questions about their products), and that they’re better for the environment and me!

The one thing I did splurge on were my wishbone earrings from Fruition.  I had my eyes on these for quite some time now.  I was happy to meet Raychel and her husband in person and check out all her pretty designs.  Raychel will also be vending at Crafted at the Port of Los Angeles (opening this summer).

I can’t wait for the next craft fair/event whether it’s Renegade, Patchwork, etc. – there are so many now!  As I’ve mentioned before, I haven’t been shopping much lately, but when I do, I really like the idea of buying from individual artists and supporting small business owners.

One of my goals for this year is to be a vendor at a few of these shows – and hopefully that will happen sooner than later!

..and that’s it for this post… just trying to spread the LOVE!  Happy Valentine’s Day! ♥