Passionate people inspire me and  I want to create a series of posts to share with you the many talented people that I’ve been “meeting” (whether in person or on the internet).

Just before Christmas, I discovered Stasia Burrington and immediately fell in love with her art, work, and adorable tattooed characters.

I love how Stasia uses different mediums and materials to create a variety of different products – fine art, greeting cards, books, stamps, cups, stickers, temporary tattoos, and even Shrinky Dink jewelry!

I wasn’t planning on doing any Christmas shopping, but I decided to splurge on this “Pleasure, Pretty Please” hand bound book for James once I saw it in her shop!  I love this “pillow book” and thought it would be cute to give James some cartoon porn for Christmas. ;D

Check out Stasia’s “Look, Ma, I’m making porn!” post for more about her creative process and details and info on the book – it’s what made me snag up a book of our own… I mean for James. ;P

Bedtime Story.  I thought this piece was just so sweet (except for us, James is the one staying up and I’m the one falling asleep on him)!  I love all the details on the wall, blankets & sheets, the taped up art pieces that this couple has, and the socks and clothes laying around (that‘s James ;P).

Baby Teeth.   Have you ever had those dreams where all of a sudden, a tooth is loose, and then it falls off.. then another tooth falls out, then another??  Well, I have!  Mommy has told me that it means that I’m going through some changes.  What do you think it means??

I’ve already requested for Stasia to make a personal “happy” cup for my baby sister, and I’m hoping to one day commission Stasia to create paintings of James and me with our tattoos.  We’re not done with our tattoos just yet, so I’m going to wait a bit for that.  I think it would be so cute to have our Stasia portraits hanging side by side! ;D

I could spend all day posting Stasia’s work, but check out a time lapse ink & watering color done by Stasia (above) and then head on over to her Blog to check out more of her amazing work and inspirations (she also shares wonderful photos and pieces from other artists) and Etsy shop!