Do What You Love, Love What you Do — by mateoandtobias

The last few jobs that I’ve had – bartending (back in NYC), working at a hotel, and working as a leasing and building manager – I had to work weekends and holidays.  As much as I may have liked my job (mostly at the beginning ;P) I hated getting up to go to work on weekends and holidays.  I hated the idea that my friends were getting together, relaxing, and having fun without me.  I wanted to not be at work and enjoy the day off just like everybody else!

However, this morning, a Sunday morning, I got out of bed because I wanted to work!  I was happy to get up to work on some orders that I received over the last few days.  Even last night, after getting up at 6:00AM to go wine tasting in Santa Barbara for a dear friend’s Birthday, I got home, relaxed a bit, and got to work and finished some mermaid skirts for the Sew Funky Market at the end of this month!

Worked on a few Chinese character appliqued bodysuits and t-shirts this morning.

When James woke up about a half hour after me, he found me working in the living room area.  He asked, “How do you wake up and go straight to work?”  I answered, “What do you mean?  Everyone wakes up and goes straight to work.”  He thought about it for a bit and replied, “No, people brushed their teeth….”  I responded, “I brushed my teeth.”  He said, “they take the train, drive…” and I answered, “I walked over here!” (just a few feet from our bedroom area to our living room area. ;D)

The last few months have been great!  I feel like I’m getting so much done!  I’m excited about my first craft fair and I love stocking up for it!  Stocking up has made me work more efficiently and is keeping me motivated…and all these cute little skirts stacked together look so adorable!

Anyway, I’ve been really happy lately with the realization that I’m doing what I love and enjoy!  I’m no longer feeling that my home is a “dungeon” (how I felt when I was a leasing & building manager) and no longer mind working the weekend and holidays!  ..and I just want to thank you for being a fan and for supporting my little business! =D