I am beyond thrilled to be a vendor at Unique LA’s 4th Annual Spring Show!!!!  ..and it’s just ONE week away!!! EEeeeEeeEK!

To be a part of Unique LA is a dream come true for me!! I’ve been attending Unique LA since it’s first Holiday show in 2008 and have enjoyed the experience each time I go!

Since it’s the first time I’ll be a vendor there, I don’t have any tips for vendors.  However, since I’ve attended several of their shows as a shopper, I have some tips for attendees. ;D

1.  Arrive Early.  Most vendors personally hand make their items, which means that there are limited quantities and very very unique one-of-a-kind items.  So get there early to get the best pick!

2.  Buy Your Tickets Online.  Since you’re planning to arrive early, avoid the long lines by pre-purchasing your tickets before the show.

Back in February, I had arrived to Unique LA’s First Local Love Event 15 minutes early and the line to purchase tickets was out the door!

* Extra Tip:  Keep Your Wristband.  If you’re going to the show on Saturday, and don’t live too far from the California Market Center, keep your wristband!  You might go home on Saturday and wished you picked up something or may have forgotten something and want to go back on Sunday!  I know I did!  Luckily, I’m only walking distance from the CMC! ;D

3.  Check Out The Vendor Listing & Map.  Take a look at the list of all the awesome vendors and products that they offer before going. For some things, you want to know more details that may not be displayed at the show.  For me, I researched a bunch of bath & beauty products before attending the last show and was able to quickly find the vendors and products I wanted. ;D  You may also want to take a look at the map and mark off the vendors you’re interested in.  The show can get crowded and/or you may easily get distracted by other fun, shiny, and beautiful things and mistakenly pass by a vendor that you were meaning to check out .

Anon-Y-Mouse and I, Alphabet City Studio, will be in booth #217.

Please also visit my friends and say “Hi!”

Amarilo & Pooka Queen in booth #262

Fruition at table #T3

Cake Bar at table #T91

My Mishion at booth #206

Cheltenham Road – can’t seem to find him on the map..??

4. Get Your Freebies.  Be sure to get your free tote bag upon arriving and hit up the FREE DRINKS areas for free Naked Grape wine, Sailor Jerry rum cocktails, IZZE sparkling juice, Honest Tea, etc.!  They usually  have free snacks too – ex. Cliff & Luna bars, pretzel chips, etc.  Thank you to our sponsors!

… and NEW to this year’s Spring Show!!!

5.  Caine’s Arcade.  Check out this story about Caine’s Arcade and be sure to get your FUN PASS!!!

6.  Recycle Your Electronics.  Unique LA is “excited to partner with Isidore Electronics Recycling, a Downtown LA electronics recycler with a social mission. In a nutshell, Isidore uses the revenue generated by its recycling business to help formerly incarcerated people rebuild their lives by providing workforce training and gainful employment, while also partnering with organizations that provide comprehensive social services. To quote the website, “That’s good for the economy, the environment, and for public safety. Win, Win, Win.” We couldn’t agree more!”

7.  Have FUN!  Check out this awesome Spring 2012 Lookbook that features some of the local designers that will be at the show!  Hope to see you there! ;D