This past weekend I vended at my first Unique LA show and it was AWESOME!!!
The photo above was taken right before the show started on the 1st day, Saturday, May 12.  Can you tell how giddy and excited I am?!?! ;D

The great thing about Unique LA as a vendor is that they give you a day before the show to set up!  The above photo shows me moving in as my partner, Jonathan of Anon-Y-Mouse, who arrived before I did, was setting up his side of the booth with his carpenter.

We tried working on something together, but ended up working on our own walls separately.  The one thing we agreed on was to keep it “simple”.  James and I came up with my design just days before the show!! I was painting my slat wall less than 24 hours before setting it up!

Here’s our booth all set up!  What do you think?!?! ;D

THANK YOU to my friends Binh and Richard for cute photos of their babies for me to use!

It was fun to see shoppers hang out by my changing table and shop for bibs!

Jonathan with Jeannette, who he partnered up with to use some of her drawings as cards!

Anon-Y-Mouse’s beautiful handmade notebooks and envelopes and on the bottom shelves, Jonathan’s photos and Jeannette’s drawings made into cards!

As a first time vendor at Unique LA, I really did miss shopping the show, but part of the show came to us!  Photo above is of me and the Aroopy pirate! ArrRrRgh!  ..and yes, he’s really drinking pirate rum.

Michelle of My Mishion was not far across the way from us!  I’m glad she was there because I was finally able to meet her 10-month old Baby Max!  Michelle: THANKS again for shopping at Alphabet City Studio!!! ;D

Caine of Caine’s Arcade stopped by our booth too!  It was so cool to meet him!

..and of course, a few friends stopped by.  I wouldn’t be where I am now without the support from my family & friends!  Thank you and ❤ you!!!  ..I just wish I thought of taking photos with ALL my friends that stopped by.  THANK YOU to all of you that stopped by and showed your support!!!  It means so much to me!!! ❤

An unexpected surprise to see Jason “Mayhem” Miller at the show!  ..and was so happy that he came to shop with me and pick up a few items for his manager’s children!  I’ve met Jason 3-4 years ago when I was just starting my business and he’s been encouraging since the day we met!  Thanks Jason!

One of the many great things about Unique LA is all the wonderful people you meet!  Our booth neighbor, Jere of Urban Octopus, was soooo nice and helpful!!!.. and I snagged one of his super comfy t-shirts with his awesome “Organic Chaos” print.  THANKS for everything Jere!

Got these cute magnets from David of Cheltenham Road and YuuUuUmMmMMy cupcakes from Cake Bar – cupcakes and cocktails in one?!?! Yes please!!  …no photos because I ate them all! ;P   THANK YOU David and Grace!!!

For more photos of the show, check out Unique LA/NYC/SF’s Flickr stream.