Discovered Hillary Bird today and love this print!  I would love to have tea-time with my bear!

Discovered Hillary Bird today and love this print! I would love to have tea-time with my bear!

It’s been more than half a year since I last posted!  I don’t want to bore you with a lengthy post to catch you up to speed, so here’s a run down of a few things.

  • Yes, Alphabet City Studio has remained open and you can still order personalized & unique quality products for the babies and children in your lives.  I highly recommend my Chinese Zodiac/signs appliqued bodysuits & t-shirts!  My favorite to make and unique to my shop!  **A special THANK YOU to all of you who have continuously supported my little business!! ❤
  • A little over 2 months ago, I made the decision to become vegetarian!  I’m not as lethargic as before and I’m happy to be much more aware of the decisions I’ve been making to live a more healthier lifestyle, including exercising more.
  • I’ve been busy with new opportunities and trying new things.  Currently, I have 7 different “projects” that I’m working on.  I plan to trim down this list in 2013 so that I can have better focus and concentration.
  • I’m much more involved in my community (Downtown Los Angeles) and I enjoy supporting the local boutique shops and small businesses.  I’ve become friends with some of the business owners and together, we’re working on creating a stronger community!
  • These past several months, I’ve been meeting a TON of people!!  I’ve been lucky to meet some AMAZINGLY generous, kind-hearted, good-spirited people and they’ve inspired me to find my passion, do what makes me happy, and keep a happy & healthy mind.

This last year has been amazing in so many ways!  It definitely didn’t end up anywhere near what I expected when the year started out, but in a good way.  I’m psyched for 2013 to see what journey life will take us on.  The opportunities, the challenges, the people we’ll encounter, the good times & the bad, the new things I’ll learn about people, the world, life, etc…..

I don’t make new year resolutions, but there are some goals I definitely want to set with focus on my finances, health, and living a happy life with my partner. =D

Wishing you all a HEALTHY & HAPPY New Year!!!