•August 11, 2011•

I am. . . always changing.

Since I’ve started this blog, I’ve been having difficulties trying to find a focus for my blog.  Everyone says there should be a focus.  I tried, but I’ve changed.  We’ve changed.

J and I are trying to be healthier and not spend so much money on eating out.  Our trips to restaurants have been replaced to trips to the market.  Sure we still eat out, but really not as much as we used to.

We both have also gotten really busy with our businesses and are going out less to explore.  We still love living in Downtown LA for its location and convenience, but we just haven’t gone out and about much lately.

So, instead of sticking to my original idea for a blog, I’m just going to “go with it.”  Post whatever is relevant or is affecting my life at the moment.  As I think about it, that’s what I liked about my old blog.  I was just blogging about my life.  It was more for me to keep track of things and where I’ve been and to share with you my experiences in hopes to inspire.  Hopefully, I can share my life with you and offer some inspiration and positivity (that’s where I’m at now).

At this moment, I’m really focusing on my shop and business as well as trying to be healthier.  I’ve been keeping up with a lot of blogs about small businesses and crafting as well as juicing, eating healthier, and working out.

Who knows, maybe in another few months, this may all change.. but “life is a journey,” and I’m ready to start this new chapter and see where it’ll take me.


•March 17, 2011•

Eat. Sure we all eat, but J and I eat out a LOT.  It’s to the point where I check in on Yelp and post it on Facebook and my girlfriends thought I had a new job reviewing food.

Sew. I sew bibs, burp cloths, blankets, and reversible dresses and have a shop on Etsy –  www.AlphabetCityStudio.Etsy.com.  I really enjoy sewing and making things.  I’m still working on my sewing skills and I think I have a long way to go.

Live. J and I live in Downtown LA and we LOVE it!